Welcome to my site! This is the place where I put all of my thoughts and creations. I try to update with something as frequently as possible so there is always something to come back to. It also acts as my portfolio where I highlight my top favorite works. All that stuff as well as links to my many other online profiles like YouTube and LinkedIn can be seen by exploring the tabs on the top of the page. If you are interested, you can visit my other blog I call "My Media Library" where I write about my favorite games, movies and shows.

I grew up in Northfield Massachusetts and after graduating from high school, I moved out to Arizona to study game art at The University of Advancing Technology where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Game Art and Animation. My main focus is in art such as game characters, assets, animation, textures, and illustrations but I also enjoy creating other media like film. In the end, I'm here to express myself the best I can and hopefully make people happier in the process!