Before I officially started on the Adventure Time project with Tim, I was trying to prove my stuff to him by making cool looking AT assets. One of which was the very first draft of Finn himself that was later revised and used in the game but another one was this little BMO character. We had plenty of ideas for BMO as we went along involving Finn jumping into his screen and running through the BMO game worlds but sadly we didn't find the time among all the other things to add this feature.

I thought it was kind of a shame that this character would be left out but that's how it goes. Anyway, I spent some time yesterday and set up this scene so some of you could still appreciate BMO and what might have been!

And here is a little extra bit for those interested. This is the same scene with a flat light setup instead so you can get a better idea for the textures. Because the game used no lights, this is a better representation of how he would have appeared in the game.

I used this same technique with all the characters and items to keep things from looking flat or falling into the background. Basically it's comprised of a flat color texture with some hand painted highlights and ambient occlusion. By baking a simple AO map to the texture, I could use that as reference to paint my own softer looking AO. Normally AO can look really dirty on less detailed textures like this so replacing it gives a much friendlier appearance.