Zineth: Kieth Jetstream

Zineth is an absolutely free game you can just download off the web made by this group of developers that call themselves the Arcane Kids. It is one of the rare kinds of games that had me playing straight through from start to finish in just a few days. To give you an idea of how monuments that is for me, other games of that kind have included Half Life 2, Shadow of the Colossus, and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger! There's no reason not to try it out!

It's been a while sense I've played through it but ever sense then I have been wanting to make something with a similar vibe to it. I really love the character design and the overall style from the game so I decided to make my own character that could exists in that same world.

This is Keith Jetstream and his home-made stride suit! For this design, I took the source material and tried to make it more practical looking. I love the original concept and how it looks half organic and half mechanic; it always reminded me of the Digimon art style. For my own design, I wanted to expand on how something like that might work and how someone could control it.