How is Sprout Going?

It seems like the time between posts has gotten longer and longer! I'm really sorry about that. Trust me, I wish I could post here all the time but grown-up things have been overtaking work and work is overtaking my projects. It's all very sad and boring so here! A little taste of the new Sprout!

I'm happy to say that all of the planned 3D art and animations is done! There are a lot of really nice animal behaviors Alex is adding to the game so I wanted to make sure each creature was as expressive as can be. Because progress on the game is moving very steadily, I don't want to give away too much so early on so here are two creatures just sitting around, wondering when the game is going to be ready...

I did say the "planned" art is done, didn't I... That's because everything we need to get an alpha version of the game up and running is ready to be implemented. However, because the game is slow going, we get a lot more time to expand on all of our ideas and really make something fantastic! We have a lot of super secret ideas that we are excited to try and I'm sure it will add a lot more value to the gamepaly and everything!

So in short, Sprout is still on both of our minds and we are still very passionate about getting this game out there to y'all! But as a personal project, it might take some extra time.

I hope everyone is having a great 2015 and I'll be back as soon as I can to post more stuff!