Time Tangle!

I've worked on this project for almost a full year now and I can't believe we are finally ready to release! The work I did for this game has been some of my greatest and because of that, the game itself is my proudest achievement to date. A lot has changed sense I first started the project because of how much I have learned! Before this, I barely had any animation experience and now, animating is like a second nature to me. I'm really happy to have gotten this opportunity to work with such great people and produce such an awesome game!

Sometimes I think back and remember first being approached by Tim and him asking if I would be interested in working on the project. I've seen Tim around before and remembered him because of his participation in our game jams and his unique fission sensibilities but we had never been formally introduced. His games always cough my eye and I knew he was a really skilled individual. I'm ashamed to say that I was really close to passing up his offer because of how busy I was with other games and because of my own insecurity with my skill level. Tim was really looking for someone who could do it all and at the time I could just model and texture. Rigging and animation were still things I had no real experience with.

The responsibility I had with my current game projects was really weighing me down and I thought that one more game project on top of that would make my head explode. Still, I decided to at least send Tim an example of what I could offer him at the time. Basically I had an idea for a style we could do that I knew was within my reach as well as an example of  my modeling and texturing skills. It was kind of like if Adventure Time had a PS1 or N64 game. Not super noble of me because a stylistic choice like that was an easy way to not have to worry about more current generation standards and hide behind the idea an "homage". Thankfully we didn't end up going that rout and I found myself happily making models, textures and animations to the full capabilities of the platform.

I sent him my little pitch package and within the next week or so I saw him again and asked him what he thought. He told me he liked it but wanted to see what I could do. He thought that I had grabbed some pictures of Finn offline or something to describe my thoughts and hadn't actually created anything. It was kind of nice to hear that impression because telling him I made all that stuff myself was a nice surprise to him. After that, we began production by designing the game play and mocking up an example level. Before I knew it, I had been assimilated into TwinSky Games and was working full time!

The way the game was designed meant that there had to be a ton of art content being created and I was the only guy on the job. The idea of it didn't seem to phase me because after having worked on so many games, I learned to overcome the intimidation of a large, long-term projects. I remember it really used to get to me when I first started college. I guess for some reason I would just imagine myself in a room with a computer working in a purgatory type situation for years and years and there was nothing to break up the monotony. Luckily, game development is only like that sometimes and with this game project, we had a lot of inspiring, creative fun to look forward to!

Working with Tim on this project has really been a dream come true and I look forward to working on more games with him in the future! I have never had a more enjoyable experience with making a game in my life. Some of it had to do with the fact that it was a game about my favorite cartoon, but most of it was the creative energy that Tim and I created when we were working together. I think the game really shows that special spark of passion we all shared while making it.

I'm pretty sure Tim is going to have some of his own content posted to his website about the game so if your interested in seeing more, you can check it out at TwinSkyGames.com He has been collecting screenshots and pictures of the development possess the whole time so he should have plenty of great posts documenting that as time goes by. Maybe hes saving that stuff for when the game releases though, I'm not sure.

Also, our musician, Kevin Green, is bound to have some samples of the music up on his website so you could visit him at KevinGreenMusic.com Kevin has been working with Tim on game projects for years and I'm pretty sure that this last PAX was their first meeting in person!