Huntress Wizard

I took a bit of time while we are wrapping up the game to try and model this character from Adventure Time. I love the character design and have been wanting to recreate her in 3D for a while.

She is only in one or two episodes as a minor character but she really gets me thinking what her story might be. Hopefully one day they bring her up and we get a little more background to her character.

This model is all rigged and ready to be animated so maybe some day I'll do some demo animations or something. I love the leaf hair and I think it would look awesome rustling in the breeze. I also did her face the same way I'm doing them in Time Tangle so I would add a range of expressions to switch between.

I think doing it that way is similar to how they would animate expressions in older games like Wind Waker and the low rez models in Kingdom Hearts. They probably separate UVs for each eye, nose and mouth but here I just have one eye shell and one mouth so I would have to  re draw both eyes if she were winking or something but I'm okay with that. The opposite eye might need to squint a bit anyway to look more natural.


Dennis Porter said...

Awesome use of gradients and color scheme! I really like the green leaf-hair and arrows, and how her mask matches her cape.

pixelspells said...

She's great! Do you happen to know her name, or which episodes she's in? I really love her!

Winston Powell said...

Thank you :D

I'm not sure what her name is, they seem to just call her "Huntress Wizard" but she has been in the Wizard Battle, Reign of Gunters, Wizards Only, Fools, and Betty episodes.

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