Here is a little preview of my current game jam project for the Greenlight Jam we are doing! I just did all the art yesterday so my programmer, Alex Bascom, has stuff to implement while I'm away for PAX this weekend. I plan on doing the animations and stuff when I get back but for now, this is what I got. Its better than having him use boxes to represent all the objects even though, so far, his boxes were looking pretty good.

The idea behind the game is to let the player experiment with the world and to see it react as they do so. I wanted to make an environment where everything could interact with everything in some way. For example, the treas may drop seeds if the player hits them and those seeds go on to sprout new trees. The seed could also be picked up by the bird and brought someplace else to grow. That same seed could also be dropped into water and a fish might eat it and grow into a larger fish.

I would really like the world to take on a life of its own and if the player gets involved, even more exciting things might happen. I'm very interested to see where this project goes and see what people think of it.

I just wanted to get something on here about this before PAX so there won't be new developments until after but I will be sure to update this blog as soon as I have more to show!