Sprout: End of The Jam!

The Greenlight Jam has come to a close! This was an interesting jam because of how much time there was to work on it. I never felt that last minute crunch feeling or anything. Things wrapped up on the last day pretty well and we were able to implement a bit of a tutorial into the game before we showed it off. If you want to see all the submissions from this jam, click Here!

Both Alex and I really want to continue this project but as of 5:30 yesterday, our courtesy Unity Pro licenses expired so there's no way for us to build the game from here on out. However, the prize for winning first place is a Unity Pro license so we are really hoping we get that so we can keep on! The prizes are given out next Thursday so we will wait and see.

I'm really happy with how the game turned out especially the day and night cycle. I think the colors we gave each time of day worked nicely. If we end up getting a licence, we will probably re-do the object combinations so they are less abstract and more consistent. There are a lot of combinations that people might never find because nothing else in the game works that way and the concept is too far out. I would also love to add in some extra environmental effects like rain and falling stars and stuff.

If you want to try out Sprout, you can download the jam version right Here. In this version, there are debug commands on the Num Pad to speed up, slow or stop the time of day. 

"0" will stop time
"+" will send time forward 
"-" will send it back. 
If you hold those down, time will change faster and faster. 
"Enter" will show a little number in the top left if you want to see the speed