How Was PAX?

Showing off this game at PAX was the most rewarding experience I have had in game development! It just feels good to have something I can be proud of that I made and be showing it off to thousands of people. Watching people play a game whose art I'm responsible for and seeing their reactions is priceless. After almost a year of hard work in development and learning new skills, this is the ultimate indulgence! Take a look at these and you might see what I mean.

Well first of all, check out this video interview Jonathan Holmes and Conrad Zimmerman made about our game! I'm a huge fan of both of them so this was crazy awesome for me!

Here now, check out these amazing pictures Chris took of the conference and the CN Games booth! I'm using Chris's pictures because my iPod took many sad fuzzy low rez iPod pictures. Chris is one of the people from CN Games who has been helping us with the development of the game. It was awesome to get to meet the people at CN after talking to them through Skype and email the whole time!