Greenlight Jam

Today marks the first day of the Greenlight Jam! This is actually the second year of Retora's own Freedom Jam. This time around, instead of it being an internal jam, we opened it up to everyone who wants to take part. I'm really excited to start and maybe gain some support from one of my friends to help out. I'm sure we will see plenty of great projects come out of this especially because of how this jam is structured.

We split this jam up into three parts which take place over the course of a month. The first part is the Concept Jam where concepts and documents to prepare for the game are created. The second is the Prototype Jam where those preparations are put into action and become an actual game project. And the third is the Polish or Closing Jam where the game is wrapped up and start to see some finer details implemented. The main idea is to have a great showcase of games by the end and for everyone to share each others project in a hands on way.

To help kick off the jam today, Tyler interviewed Anna Kipnis, Derek Brand, and John Bernhelm from Double Fine Productions who gave great advice based off their experience and involvement with  Double Fine's own internal game jam, Amnesia Fortnight. You can check it out right here!