Media Library

This is something I have been wanting to do for a really long time but never had the resources to do it. Now that I'm getting more familiar with blogger, I felt confidant that it was the right platform for me to create my own personal media archive.

Right now, its just a library of images of all my top favorite games, movies and shows but as time goes by and I find inspiration, each item will have its very own blog post where I hope to explain my personal enthusiasm and relationship I have with them as well as add content like trailers and descriptions to help round out the item's profile. I'm sure that as I see movies and shows and play games that are new to me I will continue to add to this already overwhelming list. This will be a long term and vary casual process considering all the other stuff I have going on. 

Because platforms come and go, there is no real way for me to keep track of all these titles with out actually owning them all. And even still, I would need to own all their respected consoles in order to enjoy them again. I'm currently living in a temporary apartment so I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying a collection like this around with me where ever I go. That is part of what makes this great for me; I can have my collection and not have to feel grounded down by boxes and boxes of physical media.

These games, shows, and movies were chosen because of the personal grip they hold on my mind and have had in my life so it's not for everyone but I hope people can appreciate it as my own little outlet of nostalgia and maybe share some of the same feelings I have with them.

If you are interested and want to see the blog, follow this link: My Media Library