For the Love of Video Games

I started playing The Last of Us again for a second time to really take my time and soak it all in. When I played it the first time, it was on easy and I kind of sped my way through. Investing time into a game while working is a huge undertaking. At that point, I didn't have too much time to spare.

Now that the holidays are drawing closer and everyone is gone for vacation, I am alone. Normally I would be with friends in the evening but now that they are gone, I decided to revisit this game and really immerse myself.

Funny as it is, having to prepare my dinner while alone in the chilly evening kind of gets me in touch with my inner wilderness survivalist. I used to camp and spend nights outside all the time when I was back home but while I'm living in the city, this is as close to that feeling as I can claim to get. So now that I'm in the right mindset and after preparing some food and making tea for myself, I'm ready to snuggle into a blanket and enjoy this game to its fullest.

This game is really a one of a kind experience. The events in the game are almost too gripping and some leave you feeling very uncomfortable. In between however, are little bits of beauty that keep you pushing foreword despite the grim circumstances it all takes place in. This game owes a lot of its success to just how human it is and how it puts the player in the frame of mind to appreciate the little things in a place that seems completely taken over by hopelessness. These are true to life emotions that hit very close to home because we all see trouble in the world but find enough to keep us going.

I found that this is one of the reasons that I love video games. They personify bits and pieces reality and explain them in amplified ways. Just like any good story that teaches a person a lesson of life through its example.

After seeing how big an impact these little aspects of games make, I decided to look at other games and stop to see the little things. The little touches they add that were always there making me happy but I might not have fully appreciated. In my new tumblr I jot down things on a much lighter level that some video games do that I really appreciate and don't want to overlook.

For the Love of Video Games Tumblr

These aren't meant to be deep soul searching discoveries. They are just little things that I appreciate about some games that I wanted to bring into the light. All I can hope for is that this might get people thinking smaller too and see little things in their favorite games that they can cherish for themselves.