Night Lights at Indiecade 2012!

I spent the last week attending Indiecade! It was my first time going and it defiantly won't be my last. I met so many people and got so see so many inspiring things people have been working on. Independent game development is probably the most exciting aria of game development. There is just so much people can do and are doing to create new and experimental experiences.

A game project I was working on called Night Lights was selected for indiecade to show during the the "Night Games." It was so much fun and the turnout of people playing was mind blowing! I would really like to thank everyone who was there and I'm glad that you all had fun playing our game! Also, congratulations to everyone else who had a game at the conference  I had so much fun seeing and playing all of the games!

Check out all of the awesome drawings people did at our facebook page! Heads up though, some of the drawings got a little weird as the night unfolded... Night Lights Facebook Page!