Quinn: Texture and Pose

I finally got around to uploading some of my progress. I've had the texture done for a while but I just got into rigging and posing him and never got around to posting progress.

I'll do some final renders soon but for now, I haven't been able to render anything I'm happy with so I will spend more time on that later.
I decided to do this character all on one texture because I wasn't' going to need separate materials. Instead I used my spec map to differentiate the separate materials of his body. It worked out for the most part but its not as good when I try and render him in Marmoset so I'm wondering if I made a bad decision.

This was my first time trying to rig a character. Before I would pose the low poly in zbrush and export it but now that I have a rig,  I can pose him differently when ever I want to.

In the future I will get more in depth with my rigs so that they include the face; this was just a simple one that allows me to pose him more like an action figure.

Now that I am more comfortable with this type of thing, I want to make a series of animations to go along with this character, at the very least, I want an idol animation to show of more of his personality.