This Time around I decided that with Quinn, I will be recording my whole process starting with this Illustration and ending with a finished model.

I am going to begin modeling him sometime this week, maybe even tomorrow because its finally spring break and I have much more time!

Unlike this video, my future ones will be narrated so that you might be able to understand my process better. A lot has changed sense my last couple of videos so I thought it would be nice to give everyone an update.

The concept behind his design is mainly based off my descriptions in the story. Because he lives in the underground colony, he needs to wear clothes that keep him warm all the time. I looked at clothes that people would use on mountain climbing expositions from the olden days and through in somewhat of a military hint as well. I also wanted to make it look sort of cluttered and mismatched because of how the people where he lives would have had to salvage and trade for what ever they needed to stay alive.