Quinn: Model and Time Lapse

The low poly model and time lapse videos for Quinn are done, take a look! It came out to be 3628 polygons in all.

I ended up not doing voice overs for these videos because I don't have any more time left and I really wanted to put them up before Monday.

I split the recordings up into two parts; the first is a time lapse of me modeling Quinn's body and the second one is his head including his hair and hat.

You may have noticed that I don't show me modeling the jacket; that is because I made a mistake while recording and missed the part where I made it so if you are wondering how I did it, I will try to explain here:

Once I had the torso the way I liked it, I made an edge selection around his shoulders and arms where I knew the jacket would extend out from. I then extruded outwards to make the basic shape of the jacket. From there I could work off of the now extruded sections faces and begin forming it into a jacket. Before I got too carried away, I separated the faces that were now part of the jacket from the rest of the torso so the jacket, including the arms, were thier own piece separate from the body. (Separating it makes it easier to work on and keeps the geometry on the torso clean from any edge extrusions that I made while creating the jacket)

I hope you found my videos helpful in some way and please keep an eye out for more in the near future; I am going to begin the high poly process soon!