Working On A Short Story

There is nothing more important to me in life than my friends and family. I think it is because of this that I have such affection for characters in entertainment. They are the thing I relate to most of all and now they have become my passion. I have always admired characters in movies like The Lord of The Rings, shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Games like the Uncharted series because the relationships they have with one another and what they can show us about all facets of life. 

I think that the character’s journey is a defining aspect in how they develop just like any real person and in turn, define what they look and act like. As a character artist, this is extremely important for me to understand in order to create a character and has become something I want to look much more deeply into.

All of this had lead me to try and create my own story with characters that people could follow along with, relate to, and learn from just like I have from so many other movies, games, and shows I have seen. I am so humbled by how meaningful and inspired the characters from these types of stories can be that it took a while for me to find a good foundation for my own characters

This is very much an experimental work in progress for me but at the very least, you can expect to see the two main characters of my story drawn up and modeled out at some point here in my blog.

My story is broken up into several segments almost like episodes and there are a few experimental portions like a gender change part where I play around with a different setting in order to develop alternative characters and see how they might act differently.

I am always encouraging feedback so feel free to give me your thoughts!