Finn: Diffuse

Finally done with the diffuse for the most part. There are still a few things I will tweak later on but for now I figured I should update. It took me a little longer than I anticipated but now that it's done, all I have to do is the specular map and then I can get to posing this guy. Also, I need to do something with his hair...

Oh, you're probably wondering why I covered him in paint... Well, I was thinking it might be kind of interesting to think of the monsters he fights as messy painted cardboard candy monsters he made himself in his tree house, so he would get kind of messy while slaying them with his real sword (not actual size)

I am thinking about adding a head phone wire coming from the speakers in his hat later on because I'm sure Finn would want to have his favorite music playing while out beating up monsters. I might wait until after I pose him to add in stuff like that and his hoodie strings so I can make them look like they should while he is in action.