Female Warrior Model

I wanted to try and mimic the style of the drawing as much as I could for the model so I tried Maya's "Rim Light" shader to create that sort of layered shadow effect the illustration has. It was kind of a challenge to get each material to have the shadows because with the shader I was using, each shade color had to be hand picked. Luckily I had the illustration I made to reference.

Here is a close up of the characters shield and sword as well as its sheath. Later on when I get a chance to pose the character, I will add in the sword and shield in along with her in the pose. You don't see the shield in the concept but it is meant for her left hand because of how her body is divided up between defense and attack.

The effect was cool but it was too cumbersome and I still wasn't that happy with how it looked on the character. Because of the nature of the drawing, I wanted to keep the model fairly low detail. I might do another model of this character or another with a much more minimalistic approach but as for this model I still think it could use some more detail like in the shield where there are missing rivets as well as with the character as she is missing a belly button.